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We point out the following:

With regard to the escort contracts concluded via this Internet portal, the provider NKS Invest merely assumes the mediation or the initiation of the contract. The final escort contract is closed by the customer with the escort lady directly. About the actual content of the services, the escort lady decides in the end even in consultation with the customer. This refers specifically to the specific location of the escort services. The offerer NKS Invest owes in each case exclusively only the contact mediation to the escort lady.

Any advertising statements or descriptions of services made here in connection with the Internet offer are not legally binding.

Whether the services agreed with the escort lady in individual cases are permissible or not at the specific place of performance is not checked by the provider NKS Invest and also a guarantee for the admissibility is not accepted. This refers in particular to service locations outside of Freiburg. The provider NKS Invest makes quite clear that the offers presented here are all set with the express objective of legality and compliance with law.

However, agreed service contents may fall under the regional reserve subject to so-called restricted area regulations. Conflict with these regulations is in no case desired or agreed by the provider NKS Invest. Liability is not assumed as far as possible. Outside the scope of restricted areas, however, according to the non-binding knowledge of the provider NKS Invest, there are basically no limits to the content of the services within the general regulations.